Modern wallcoverings and textures

Muralis is a project based on creativity and artistic decoration. Each wall panel is in fact a digital or digitized artistic design, whose peculiarity consists in its unlimited range of customizations available.

This Is Us

We live in a culture of “remix”: everything is inspired by something that has come before, and creativity is seen in the reinterpretation of pre-existing works no less than the originals.


Every decoration is a logical, abstract or concrete geometric artistic expression, which is also largely customizable. We deal with the study of design, production and realization of wallcoverings and decorations, using modern tools, furnitures and technologies in order to catch the personal taste of each client.

Exclusive products can come from any idea but become real only with excellent materials, workmanship and finishes.


It is our care to research new styles, new combinations, better arrangements, technical solutions and at the same time reduce costs while maintaining the essential quality compromise that distinguishes us.

Our wallpaper collections are designed to combine usability and style. From ultra-thin textures in hundreds of colors to floral, pictorial and geometric designs; our range of wallpapers is perfectly suited to modern trends, retrò or urban, our textures with a rich range of colors and unique details, perfect for a contemporary space or for giving personal feel in a more traditional room, adding rhythm and charm to your environment.
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